KLAS Homecare Report

klas-logoKLAS is a research firm specializing in monitoring and reporting the performance of healthcare vendors. KLAS’s mission is to improve delivery of healthcare by independently measuring vendor performance for the benefit of healthcare provider partners, consultants, investors, and vendors. KLAS measures performance of software, professional services, medical equipment, and infrastructure vendors by collecting accurate, honest and impartial provider experiences.

Working together with executives from over 28,000 healthcare providers, 4,500 hospitals and over 2,500 clinics, KLAS delivers timely reports, trends, and statistics, which provide a solid overview of vendor performance in the industry. For more information, go to www.klasresearch.com.

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  • Patient-centered solutions for end-to-end resource management, billing, financial management and clinical point of care
  • Connectivity with physicians, hospitals, labs, HIEs, RHIOs and more
  • Competitiveness to optimize referral sources and be the provider of choice
  • Coordination of care for good patient outcomes
  • KLAS scores for delivery of new technology, long-term business planning and customer support excellence
  • Total post-acute care solution for home health agencies, hospice agencies and private duty

Don’t just take our word for it – see the Delta Health Technologies results in the KLAS Home Care Report to learn how our company is the best choice for your business. Delta Health Technologies’ solutions help home healthcare and hospice providers become more efficient and profitable while delivering better patient outcomes.