A proven solution since 2006, Encore® is an integrated client-server solution for home health and hospice. Encore® helps you simplify operational tasks with powerful financial and compliance tools for home and hospice care.

  • Total patient management
  • End-to-end billing and financial management
  • Resource management
  • Simplifies operational tasks
  • Easy-to-make customizable reports to give you the information you want and need
  • Accurate billing makes accounts receivable easy
  • Customize your bills to meet the unique needs of each patient
  • Simple point-and-click steps to re-bill
  • Used by both home health and hospice agencies

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"With the ability to look back on vitals and wound status, Delta's software helps provide the best care to the patients."

− Wanda Miller, Executive Director of Home Care

"The software makes us very efficient... Our caregivers may not cross paths at all, but we can deliver a continuum of care because the information is shared so effectively."

− Ruth Ann Fisher, RN - Director of Home Care Services, Conway Regional HomeCare